Institutional set up

Founded in 1961, with the head quarters in Kochi (having its own office building, situated in the heart of the city) the business capital of Kerala, pioneered by a membership strength of just 200 SSI and Tiny Units in Kera la. Currently the Membership is grown to a figure of 20000. KSSIA has 14 District Units


The Association is having representation of individual members from various types of industries like Wood based, Plastics, Engineering, Rubber, Printing Information Technology, Chemical, Wax based Products, Cement Products, Metals, Handicrafts, Food Products, Consumer Products, Pharmaceuticals, Electrical goods, Electronics etc.


KSSIA is performing as the main spokes body of Small Scale Industries in the State of Kerala. It reflects the needs of SSI from time to time, evolve policy guidelines, put efforts to solve the various problems of member units, strengthens the link between the Small Scale Sector and State/Central Governments. Above all it aims for the Overall growth of SSI Sector in this industrially backward State of Kerala.